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Rent a Mobile Bin - Whether it is for Industrial Waste or just plain old Garden Refuse, we are here to help you get rid of your crap.

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Charl: 082 359 2308 | Daleen: 082 359 2297


Jurie: 082 3719 069


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Is it a Bin?
Is it a Skip?
No! It's a MOBIBIN!

A MOBIBIN is bigger than a bin, but smaller than a skip, making it ideal for those in between jobs to remove
• Rubble
• Sand / Stone
• Garden Waste

We rent out 2m³, 2 ton Mobibins on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and yes, of course we drop our Mobibin and pickup your crap.


Charl 082 359 2308 | Daleen 082 359 2297


Jurie 082 3719 069


We are an owner operated business that provides a full "drop and pickup" service to Commercial as well as Domestic clients. Whether it is for Industrial Waste or just plain old Garden Refuse, we are here to help you get rid of your crap.


Mobibins can load the following crap:

For Households:
• Garden Refuse
• Domestic Waste
• Rubble, etc...


For Businesses, Industries
& Shopping Centres:

• General Waste
• Wood
• Paper
• Glass, etc...
Numerous bins can be placed on site for recycling purposes

For the Building Industry:
• Rubble
• Fill
• Soil
• Gravel
• Clay, etc...

PRETORIA: 5 Days for R650



Mobibin Hire

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I fill the Mobibin with?  
• The 2m³ Mobibin is used for garden & domestic waste, recycling of glass & paper, soil, building sand, building rubble, bricks, stones & topsoil.
2. Which area do you service?  
Pretoria & Jhb South
3. How do I book a Mobibin?  
• Our qualified staff can assist you by taking a telephone order, preparing your quotation and e-mail it back to you.
• You can go to the 'Contact Us' page and submit your requirements on the on-line request form that comes through to us directly once we receive the information we will send you a quotation.
• We can send one of our representatives to your company to discuss a project or contract and tailor-made a quotation for you.
4. When do you deliver?  
We work on a first come first serve basis, please contact us to confirm the estimated timeslots.
5. What about accessibility & damage prevention?  
• Our entire trailer with a fully filled Mobibin does not exceed 2.5 tons and therefore cannot cause any damage to tarred surfaces or any paved driveways.
• We only need enough space for a trailer to manoeuvre. The entire width of the trailer is 2.5m
• Our Mobibins are ideal for clients with limited space.
6. What is the size of your Mobibins ?  
• Width 1500mm x Length 2000mm x Height x 1000mm
7. Who is your target market ?  
• People that don’t have the time to dump their garden refuge and try to fit in the sport showcasing over the weekends.
• Housing estates that depends on reliable services.
• Shopping centres that needs to keep their image presentable.
• Building contractors that needs to clear the last bit of building rubble.
• All the tree fellers that don’t want to have the hassle of dumping what’s taken down.
• The recycler that helps to save the world.
• Ag and sommer anyone that needs an effortless service.
8. What not to put inside your Mobibins?  
• No Medical waste.
• No Liquid or Chemical waste.

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